What if we begin mediation, but we find that we cannot agree on some issues?

The mediation process will not force you to agree on every issue in order to have a successful outcome. Simply agreeing on some issues in mediation will save time and money, and it will reduce stress for all parties.

In general, mediation will focus on resolving the key issues that would come up in court, such as asset division, debt division, spousal support, child support and child custody.

A successful mediation may, in some cases, mean that an agreement is reached on several of these issues, so that any court hearings can focus solely on the issues the couple cannot resolve. In other mediations, success means that all issues are resolved and a complete agreement is filed with the court for approval by a judge.

In the rare case that the divorcing parties cannot reach an agreement on any issues, the information-gathering and situation analysis required during mediation will leave the parties better prepared for court.

Other Frequently Asked Questions about Mediation