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Our founder, Gerald Maggio, is dedicated to the mediation process to help families resolve their conflicts peacefully in the hopes of preserving family assets, integrity and respect, in the real world. Mr. Maggio is an experienced and respected family law and divorce attorney and trained divorce mediator who has handled many litigated cases as well as amicably-resolved cases settled out of court.

Mr. Maggio has had the background experience of years of successfully handling litigated divorce and child custody cases in court to fully understand that the court system is not necessarily the best option to resolving cases. Despite his success, Mr. Maggio understands that winning in court does not necessarily translate to a happy post-divorce transition for families, especially children. His mediation practice was founded on the principle that the resolution of divorce and custody disputes are most success and best implemented when worked out between parties empowered with the appropriate tools and information, with the understanding that court should always be the forum of very last resort.

California Divorce Mediators is a team of attorneys, therapists, and other experts dedicated to the cause of helping individuals retain control over their lives by mutually and voluntarily negotiating a separation, divorce, property division, or child custody agreement. Because when couples work together with the support and assistance of one of our mediators, they are usually able to reach decisions that ultimately result in sustainable agreements that benefit everyone involved in the matter, including children.

Why Hire Us

California Divorce Mediators stays up-to-date on all of the latest information dealing with using mediation in divorce, custody, support and property division/settlement issues. We are skilled mediators with the desire to help you get through a traumatic situation as peacefully as possible, while not going deeply into debt through litigation that may not be necessary.

We offer you alternatives to the adversarial approach used in many divorces. This is not to say that there are not times when a case must go to court, because that does happen. Mediation works for many couples but not for all, as each person participating is a unique individual. If couples are unable to make mediation work for them, we offer the traditional route of obtaining a divorce as well. The choice is really up to you, and that is why our clients hire California Divorce Mediators – they have choices and the control over the outcome of their case.

As mediators, we recognize that most flashpoint issues in a divorce are largely due to communication barriers. We know how to help you work around those. We then work as a team to find creative solutions to help you move forward. We also help you draft a solid, well thought out, individually tailored mediation agreement based on your wishes. We don’t tell you what to do, but we do show you the way to get things accomplished for your sake and the sake of your family.

We find that mediated agreements are much more satisfactory to our clients, largely because they had a part in designing the agreement and therefore have a stake in making it work. Court orders, on the other hand, tend to muddy the waters with disagreement, disappointment and disapproval for the decisions made by a judge without any input by the parties. While some clients are, by necessity and the non-cooperation of one spouse, faced with a court ordered settlement, those that have the chance to forge their own agreements, despite hard feelings, are much happier with the outcome – an outcome they can live with.

When we assist you with effective mediation, we are able to help you conquer divided loyalties and deal with potential conflicts of interest and rollercoaster emotions. The goal is to create a workable, flexible and personal agreement that will avoid litigation. In short, both parties in mediation have the chance to speak fully and frankly and to be heard from start to finish. Although the process is somewhat informal, there is a mutual level of trust built during the sessions that allows everyone to pursue a mutual agreement.

Divorce can rank among the most difficult times in a person’s life, both emotionally and financially. At California Divorce Mediators, we compassionately understand the multi-layered challenges you are facing. We let both parties tell their own story, goals, and feelings in their own words, which goes a long way towards allowing everyone to move forward with their lives. We know that it is easier to reach an agreement once both parties feel that someone has heard them and understands their position.

Contact California Divorce Mediators by email or phone, to discuss mediation of issues concerning divorce, legal separation, same sex dissolution of marriage or domestic partnerships, custody issues, and division of property. Mediation may be a viable and reasonably priced alternative to expensive litigation for you.

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