Mediation Plans

Flat Fee

  • Flat Fee Divorce Mediation: We offer an all-inclusive flat fee package to mediate your divorce case that includes the court filing fees, mediation sessions, and preparation of all necessary court paperwork, including the final judgement. Many of our clients prefer this option because they know what the total cost will be ahead of time and it allows for an easy split of such costs between spouses.
  • Flat Fee Custody Mediation: This option is for clients whose main dispute is child support and parenting issues during divorce or post-divorce, and for parents that were never married.

In Person Hourly

  • For more complicated cases, we offer an hourly rate option where there are multiple issues to address in mediation.

Online Divorce Mediation

  • We offer an innovative, convenient option to mediate via Skype-type online mediation sessions on a flat fee or hourly rate basis where you and your spouse can mediate your issues from the convenience of your own home or other remote location, including weekends! Our online divorce mediation system allows our clients to confer with their spouse and the divorce mediation attorney from anywhere they wish that has an internet connection and a webcam.
  • How Online Divorce Mediation Works

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