Before starting the initial mediation session, I highly encourage all separated and divorcing parents to do the following homework:

For Parents never-married parents), or (for parents working through marital problems).

Sign up and watch the videos on (for divorcing and divorced parents)

These websites offer a substantial amount of information and resources for divorcing parents on how to deal with parental conflict in the context of the transition from an intact family to two family units and to move forward in an effective co-parenting relationship. offers high conflict and anger control programs designed to reduce the impact of conflict on children.

Mission Statement

Create a “Divorce Mission Statement” about what your goals are for the resolution of your divorce case. It will help you focus on how to achieve the best resolution of your case.

Our Family Wizard

I highly recommend that you sign up for and utilize the communication and parenting tools of as part of an effective co-parenting relationship. The cost is only $99 per person per year and worth every penny.

To truly understand the impact of divorce on young children, the movie is one of the most useful and demonstrative resources available.

As the film states, over half the kids in America will experience their parents divorce by the time they are 16, i.e. one million kids a year. This film has children of divorce discuss their feelings about how divorce affects their lives and in turn how parents can take such information to make things better for their children. I highly recommend purchasing and watching the full documentary.

Watch the Split Film Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your questions. Read our frequently asked questions about mediation.