How long will it take to finalize our divorce using mediation?

The minimum amount of time for any divorce in California is six months and one day. The state enforces this minimum waiting period. The waiting period begins the day that the divorce petition is served on the spouse who did not file the petition.

Litigated divorces almost never finalize after just six months. Litigation is time-consuming, and litigated divorces rely largely on court hearings to resolve issues. Overbooked California courts consistently push back hearings for months, and, as a result, litigated divorces often take years.

While mediation does not guarantee that a divorce will be completed during a specific time period, successful mediation can move much more quickly than litigation.

Ultimately, mediation can help ensure that a divorce will take the time that it needs, but no more. Divorcing spouses can choose to give each issue an appropriate amount of time while keeping control of the process, and they can keep the process moving forward at the pace they choose.

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