Practice Areas

California Divorce Mediators offers the following services, among others:

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation can be the most common sense, practical choice for couples facing a divorce. Mediation, a much less adversarial process than divorce through litigation in court, may avert the necessity of going to trial, saves money and helps the process move more quickly to a reasonable conclusion. Learn more »

Online Divorce Mediation

Our virtual online divorce mediation option is designed to make divorce mediation possible anywhere in California, or in the world for that matter, and specifically designed to work within your personal schedule at a reasonable cost in comparison to traditional divorce litigation. Learn more »

Child Custody Mediation

The last thing most parents want is to take their battle to a court, involve the children and then have to deal with a court ordered resolution that no one may be happy with. Mediation will assist both parties in arriving at a workable solution for everyone involved – especially the children. Learn more »

Child Support Mediation

Child support calculations need to be done with accuracy and care and based on the guidelines set out by the Legislature. The formulas revolve around the current standard or living, pre-existing financial obligations, income information, taxes and the number of eligible children. Learn more »

Property Division Mediation

California is a community property state and as such, any assets or income earned or obtained by either spouse during your union, and just prior to your separation, are considered to be community property. This general rule of thumb is applicable to liabilities and debts accrued as well; they are a community obligation.

Attempting to allocate property when emotions are running high can be difficult and may lead to decisions that are not made rationally. However, if you do not come to a mutual agreement and your divorce goes to before a judge, the court will make these determinations for you. Learn more »

Legal Separation Mediation

In a legal separation, a court makes orders relating to items such as support, property and children, but at the same time, the legal separation agreement allows the couple to live apart while still legally married. Learn more »

Spousal Support Mediation

In California, spousal support is also referred to as alimony. There are typically five things that affect spousal support: jurisdiction, mandatory wage assignment, earning abilities, support priorities and new mate income. Learn more »