How To Use Your Social Network To Manage Divorce Stress

Posted by: Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediator lawyers Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsDepression and grief are natural reactions to a divorce and it is normal to feel down and strained when you are going through your divorce. Changes in life such as these can be hard to handle for most people. In such situations, it is vital that you reach out for support socially. Social support can make you feel empowered in your life helping you get through such grief stricken situations.

The best way to reach out to the social support is through social networks, which are the hub of the online society. To feel aggrieved is natural in your life after such a drastic change such as a divorce, but the sooner you relieve yourself from this stress the faster you’ll get your life back on track and create a better and happier life. Here are a few steps you can get the social support that’s much needed in your predicament.

Know Your Inner Circle

Your inner circle consists of the people who you talk to about things that are hidden from the world, people with whom you share your stories. One sign of judging who these people are is that they will pick your call even in the middle of the night. An inner circle is usually your parents, siblings, and your closest friends.

Get in Touch with Your Inner Circle

Once you know who your inner circle is, it’s then vital that you reach out to them. Reaching out to them is you making that initial contact with them, a phone call, or the large text message. Remember the people in your inner circle genuinely care for you and the slightest issue that you have will be at the top of their priority whether it be an illness or a fornia divorce.

Tell Them About It

Keeping emotions under wrap for too long can ultimately result in them bottling up and causing conflict confusing, and chaos within you.  There may be emotions of shame coming through your divorce and after it. Yet it’s important to let those emotions out, because only once those emotions are let out will there be space for you to have a new light and fresher perspectives.

Connect With Those That Have Gone Through A Divorce

Social media is a large global community. There are all kinds of people on the social network. It will be comforting for you to reach out and get connected with people who aren’t part of your inner circle but have gone through a divorce. Such individuals are likely to have the best pieces of advice for you and they will prove to be a source of inspiration and guidance since they’ll understand you better than most.

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