Divorce Mediation is the New Black

Posted by: Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation; California Divorce MediatorsIncreasingly, the number of people going through a divorce has significantly increased. A large number of people are now turning to divorce mediation to try and bring curtains on their relationships. The sudden and meteoric rise of divorce mediation has almost made it ‘the new black’ (or the fashionable way of getting divorced). There are a variety of reasons this has happened, the leading reason being the costly nature and rigidness of litigation proceedings.

Yet, for anyone who is going through divorce for the very first time, there is very little that is known to them. Going into divorce for the very first time for couples is like trying to cross a dark tunnel. Most people who have never had to go through the ordeal of divorce tend to think there is likely to be a normal way of doing a divorce. This, however, is never the case. Each case is different to the other no matter how much the similarities in the facts may be. The emotions of the spouses and their thought processes are what distinguish each mediation from the other. Therefore, it is important to understand that while the use of the process of mediation has started to make it the normal way to get divorced, there is no set way mediation cases are carried out.

This concept of providing different solutions to different cases and dealing with each in a unique approach is known as adopting a customized approach. Divorce mediation is a process that is designed to make divorce easy for the spouses. It is in lieu of this that most of the cases are dealt with on their own merit by divorce mediators in Orange County and elsewhere. The goal of the mediators at the end of the day is to make sure that both the parties that are participating in the mediation process are able to go back with the sense of having achieved something.

The concept of divorce mediation is based around the empowerment of the spouses. This means that the power and the running of the process is in the hands of the spouses; therefore, allowing for no implementation of universal rules throughout the mediation. The timings of the mediation depend on the availability of each of the spouses and similarly the pace and style is also set according to the will of the spouses. This means that there is little normal in the process of divorce mediation. The final agreements are also unlike litigation proceedings; therefore, allowing the spouses to agree on just about anything as long as both of them have willingly agreed.

Orange County divorce mediation is popular among the masses because of its overall sense of speed, flexibility, and cost effectiveness. These factors have worked to make it the new normal way of divorce and yet warrant that the process continues to be unique for each individual.

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