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Divorce Mediation

Paying For Your Child’s Medical Care After Divorce

Divorce Mediation in California: Addressing Child Support and Medical Expenses Child Support and Medical Expenses In most cases, divorce means one parent provides child support to the other for the child’s daily expenses, such as food, clothing, and housing. However, courts cannot predict future medical expenses, and the monthly support amount may not cover these […]

What To Know About Dividing Antiques In A Divorce

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When undergoing divorce mediation, it’s important to appraise valuable personal property, just like real estate. The total value of your personal property can significantly impact your asset division. Appraisals ensure a fair division and help protect items from future damage. Personal Property and Fair Division While you might not own a multi-million dollar antique collection, […]

The Most Asked Questions about California Child Support

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What should divorcing couples with children consider first? When there are kids from a marriage, their well-being is the first thought that comes up in the minds of divorcing couples. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions as far as California child support is concerned. How is child support determined in California? Child […]