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What To Know About Dividing Antiques In A Divorce

When undergoing divorce mediation, it’s important to appraise valuable personal property, just like real estate. The total value of your personal property can significantly impact your asset division. Appraisals ensure a fair division and help protect items from future damage.

Personal Property and Fair Division

While you might not own a multi-million dollar antique collection, you deserve a fair share of all marital assets, regardless of who paid for them. A thorough appraisal of these assets is essential for a fair division during your divorce mediation in California.

Appreciating Antiques Over Depreciating Assets

Consider your future financial stability. Antiques can appreciate over time, whereas cars depreciate. Divorce experts often suggest prioritizing antiques over cars. Remember, most divorce lawyers lack expertise in appraising antiques, so a professional appraisal is crucial.

Appraisal Process

The appraisal process includes agreeing to the terms, completing the necessary forms, and submitting item photos. Partial payment might be required upfront for the services.

Professional Appraisal and Legal Assistance

Orange County divorce attorneys in California collaborate with professional appraisers to evaluate clients’ assets accurately. They ensure appraisers have the proper educational background to provide current and correct values for collectibles, art, and antiques, ensuring an easy divorce mediation process.

Utilizing professional online divorce mediation services can simplify and streamline your divorce, ensuring all assets are fairly evaluated and divided.

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