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Divorce Mediation

Our Process

Use of Remote Video Technology to Facilitate Divorce Mediations

Remote video technology, like ZOOM, is our method of conducting mediation sessions with our clients.  With what we learned during COVID is that use of remote video allows of maximum flexibility in terms of scheduling, control of mediation sessions, sharing of documents, and reduction of tensions between the parties who can feel more comfortable in the comfort of their own home or other location that they can control being at.  There are some of the main benefits of why we believe in the use of remote video for divorce mediations:  

Accessibility and Convenience

Cost and Time Efficiency

Flexibility in Scheduling

Screen Sharing and Document Collaboration

Enhanced Communication

Maintaining Confidentiality

Mediator Control and Neutrality


Use of Simple, All-Inclusive Flat Fee Retainer

We only use flat fee retainers for our mediation services, because flat fee retainers in divorce mediation offers several advantages and benefits for both the mediator and the clients involved, such as:

Cost Transparency

Flat fee retainers provide clear and transparent pricing to clients upfront. They know exactly how much they will be charged for the mediation process, which helps them budget and plan accordingly. This transparency eliminates the uncertainty of hourly billing and potential surprises in legal fees.

Financial Predictability

With a flat fee retainer, clients have a clear understanding of the total cost of the mediation process from the beginning. This allows them to make informed decisions about their financial resources and allocate funds appropriately. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that they won’t face unexpected or escalating costs as the mediation progresses.

Incentive for Efficient Resolution

 Flat fee retainers encourage the efficient resolution of the mediation process. Since the mediator is not billing by the hour, there is no financial incentive to prolong the proceedings unnecessarily. This can motivate all parties involved to focus on productive discussions, compromise, and reaching agreements promptly.

Encouragement of Settlement

Flat fee retainers can incentivize clients to work towards settlement rather than prolonged litigation. Since the fee is based on the completion of the mediation process, clients may be more motivated to engage in constructive negotiations and reach mutually agreeable resolutions, avoiding the costs and uncertainties of courtroom battles.

Flexibility and Customization

Flat fee retainers can be structured in different ways to accommodate the specific needs of clients. Mediators can offer flat fees for specific stages of the mediation process or for the entire process. This flexibility allows clients to choose a fee structure that aligns with their unique circumstances and preferences.

Reduced Financial Conflict

In traditional hourly billing models, clients may be concerned about how much time their attorney or mediator is spending on their case and the associated costs. Flat fee retainers alleviate this concern by offering a fixed fee for the entire mediation process. This reduces financial conflict and allows clients to focus on resolving the substantive issues rather than worrying about escalating fees.

The Steps of Our Divorce Mediation Process

Divorce mediation is a flexible process that allows couples to address a wide range of issues related to their divorce. The specific matters that can be discussed and resolved through mediation may vary depending on the unique circumstances of each case.

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