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The Most Asked Questions about California Child Support

What should divorcing couples with children consider first?

When there are kids from a marriage, their well-being is the first thought that comes up in the minds of divorcing couples. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions as far as California child support is concerned.

How is child support determined in California?

Child support in California is determined using a statewide guideline. The formula used is quite complex, so calculations are typically handled by an Orange County divorce attorney. These attorneys use specialized computer programs licensed by organizations offering legal research software. Factors considered in the calculation include both parents’ incomes, tax filing status, number of children from the marriage, each parent’s tax-deductible expenses, and the time each parent spends with the child.

Is there a limit to the amount a court can order a parent to pay for child support in California?

Unlike some other states, California does not impose a limit on the amount of child support. The calculation is based on the statewide guideline and is used in the majority of divorce cases. However, there are exceptional situations where a court may deviate from this guideline.

What if the calculated child support amount seems excessive?

California law states that a child is entitled to a lifestyle similar to that of their parents. Therefore, if the child support calculation significantly enhances the lifestyle of the lower-income parent, it is often upheld by a judge. However, if the calculated amount is excessively high and does not match the reasonable lifestyle of either parent, the court may decide to adjust the amount.

What happens if the child support amount supports the other parent as well as the child?

This situation can occur frequently. The law ensures that the child enjoys the lifestyle of the higher-earning parent. There have been cases where the receiving parent petitioned for additional housing and expenses when the child support amount was insufficient. This is especially common when one parent has a significantly higher income.

Which types of income are included in the child support calculation?

Income types considered in the calculation include cash flows from a business, income from investments, recurring interest, and employment salary.

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