People You Definitely Want On Your Divorce Team

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation attorney; California Divorce MediatorsWhile you are young through a divorce, ups should surround yourself with those people who prove to be helpful and useful to you at all stages of the divorce process. You will require friends either who me you can share your emotions, a divorce lawyer who can safeguard your legal rights, a marriage counselor who can guide you and so on. In this discussion, you will find a list of all those people who should be by your side or should be in your divorce team even prior to the beginning of your divorce process.

Family and friends

There should be family members and friends by your side who would support in helping you to decide what is right for your family and you. However, you should carefully pick the, before confiding. Choose those family members and friends who can help you to get over your grief for the end the marriage and guide you to concentrate on your future. It is better to stay away from all those family members and friends who instigate you to nurture and not forget your anger and disappointment towards your ex-spouse and encourage you to seek retribution. So, you should have those people beside you who can give you affection and love and help you when you need it. They should consider what is best for you all the times.

Divorce coach or counselor

There can be a big difference when you have somebody in your divorce team to see you through your emotional transition during and post the divorce. You need someone who can help you to overcome your negative feelings as a result of your divorce. So, have a member of your divorce team who is licensed as well as trained to guide you through your negative feelings and start healing. Such a counselor is a precious asset to have by your side during the divorce.

Good mediator

The market is full of mediators and you will be fortunate enough to select someone who is appropriate for your particular situation. If you are not comfortable to be the same place with your husband/wife, look out for a mediator who is good in negotiating your divorce settlement and do not require you and your spouse to be present in the same place. A good mediator can help you by settling the most crucial issues of your marriage.

A divorce attorney

You need a divorce attorney who is experienced enough to look at your particular divorce case from the larger picture and offer you the necessary legal advice you require to make sure you have considered both the pros and cons for every choice made by you during your divorce. You need a divorce attorney who can respond to your queries in a satisfying manner and can keep you aware of your rights on the basis of the divorce laws of your state.

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