What Are The 3 Most Prominent Divorce Expenses?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation lawyers; California Divorce MediatorsWhile getting married can be one of the most wonderful experiences in one’s life, a divorce can change all that. Your world can turn upside down in such trying times as you have to go through several types of divorce expenses apart from feeling emotionally and physically drained out. You can get set for all those big expenses through different ways and should be prepared to deal with them before they eventually arrive. But the most crucial way to be ready for your divorce is by being knowledgeable about all those impending expenses and what they will actually cost you in the coming days, months and years.

Mediation or divorce litigation expenses

Though litigation is a common phenomenon in many divorces, mediation can be a more effective and cheaper way of handling a situation. The at tenets of both sides are paid for conducting the negotiations during a litigation and the case may even go on trial to defend each party’s personal belongings that they believe are rightfully theirs. But in the case of a mediation, a neutral and unbiased third party functions by discussing with the couple for arriving at an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

Divorce expenses with respect to travel and work

With the increasing popularity of self-employment and telecommuting, you just cannot afford to overlook this expense. While you may not commute physically to the office daily, your job may entail travel at times. Previously when you were married, you could do that since your spouse could keep an eye on the kids when you were away or you had the necessary financial support their jobs provided for making your job easy although there were travel expenses.

Expenses related to child care

While this expense may not apply to all couples who are getting divorced, it is a big expense head for couples with kids during their divorce proceeding as well as after it gets completed, When you and the other parent opt for a joint custody, you need to decide if you really want to bring them up single-handedly or would not like to take date of them., divorce expenses after the case is over and while it is going on may mount up for you. For example, in a joint custody, you need to pick up your kid from your former spouse’s house no matter where they stay post the divorce. Moreover, you have to take of them for six months in a year entirely on your own. If you are a telecommuting or self-employed individual, it could be an irritating thing since their work area can become a play area now. Likewise, if you are a working parent, you need to keep your kids in a good day care for which you may have to pay hundreds of bucks every month.

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