Can A Person Date While A Divorce Is Going On?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation attorneys; California Divorce MediatorsMany couples often wonder whether they can date someone else while their divorce proceeding is still going on or not. This is quite an interesting question. As per the law, there is no reason why a person should not be able to start dating prior to the finalization of their divorce. Moreover, the person who is being dated should not feel worried that his/her name will feature in the divorce proceeding and the matter is not regarded as an adultery.

Divorce can take an emotional toll

There are many such instances when a person who just ended his or her marriage felt like going out for dates, perhaps to prove their appeal and attractiveness even after the breakup of their marriages. However, it is a good idea to get involved with someone else only after taking some breathing space. Until the time the divorced or separated person can feel unhappy about the end of their marriage, irrespective of being responsible for ending the same if not, they should sort out the unresolved matters before entering into a new relationship.

It is easier for an estranged couple to accept the fact that their marriage has ended when they come to terms with appreciating the roles played by each of them that resulted in their breakup. After all, it is an easier way out to blame the partner for the divorce. Only when the affected persons are able to put their anger, hurt and disappointment behind them, can they start their lives fresh with a new relationship with a relaxed state of mind. It is quite likely that they will continue nurturing their negative emotions from their past marriage to their new relationship.

There could be problems in reaching a divorce settlement when a person starts dating before the divorce comes through.

When one of the spouses begins dating prior to the divorce coming through, reaching a satisfactory divorce settlement could be a tough proposition. When the other spouse gets the information that his/her partner has already started seeing someone else may start following them closely and can become less amicable while reaching a divorce settlement.

There are several couples who negotiate matters related to child custody, marital properties and other pertinent issues with the assistance of their lawyers while they are going through a divorce.

The final takeaway is what you eventually plan to do will depend on your specific situation and mental condition. However, it may be a good decision to be involved with another person until the time your divorce comes through.

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