5 Factors That Can Prolong Divorce Cases

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsThe journey of getting a divorce can be a messy one since properties need to be distributed and alimony has to be discussed. The most difficult part of this process is to settle the issues related to child support and custody. The waiting period for granting the divorce may vary from state to state. For instance, in California, the minimum waiting or “cooling off” period to get divorced is 6 months from the day the other spouse was served with divorce papers.  But this is the minimum time period and the waiting period can get prolonged anywhere when the following occurs:

File separately

When a divorce petition is filed separately, your waiting period can be different. In such cases, rather than counting from the day the petition was filed; it begins when your former partner gets a copy of the divorce papers. And this may take several weeks or days.

Documents are not complete

When you submit incomplete documents, there can be a delay in granting your divorce. The concerned court can return your divorce documents rather than scheduling the hearings.

When the spouses disagree

It is a classic scenario when a divorce can really get messy. There may be delays in granting a divorce when you and your estranged partner do not agree on issues related to properties, support and child custody. More hearings are set by the courts to settle such issues. The judges may even suggest that you and your ex-partner try to settle those issues outside the court.

When the partners refuse to attend the hearings

When you or your former partner is unable to attend the court hearings, it is better to file an affidavit. The affidavit should be signed by a notary too. When there are several issues at your end, the court may deny your request. When you fail to file an affidavit, there is no choice before you but to attend.

Apart from the court hearings, the judges may ask the partners to do out of court settlements and conferences. When you refuse to attend the hearings, the delay in granting the divorce is inevitable. It may not be an easy task to face your estranged partner and discuss the marriage publicly in a court.  But, you need to understand that when you cooperate, the case gets unnecessarily dragged.

Inadequate knowledge

Today, things have become much easier as formats for divorce documents are easily available on the net and even free of cost. So, it is easy for you to locate these documents and get them ready. But you may not find it easy to decide what to talk on the court. When you do not have an expert’s help, you may not know how the process functions and there can be further delays.

When you are serious about getting a quick divorce, speak to your ex so that you can file the case jointly. Also, talk about distribution of properties and parenting issues.try to come to an agreement on the terms prior to filing. It is really helpful when you get a trustworthy and reliable divorce lawyer.

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