Divorce Mediators Sometimes Play The Role of Therapist

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce-mediation-Orange-County; California Divorce MediatorsThe role of divorce mediation goes beyond simple reconciliation between two individuals. It is an important role and can often lead to favorable results. Ending a marriage is a big decision and should be carefully considered before moving ahead with the process. Apart from emotional problems, things like assets, property, business and children also play an important part.

It is often suggested for couples who experience stress and trauma while going through divorce proceedings to seek the help of a therapist. It is not really the job of a divorce mediator to play the role of a therapist but when the need arises, they can be one in several respects.

How does therapy help during divorce?

An individual going through a divorce may feel depressed and emotionally detached from those around him/her. Although therapy is recommended for such individuals, they can feel scared at the thought of seeing a therapist. They feel they have developed a psychological problem or have become mentally ill. In such cases, if the divorce mediator plays the role of a quasi-therapist who listens to their concerns and issues, the individual feels more comfortable and opens up.

It has often happened that due to depression, divorcees have ended up making terrible decisions that they wouldn’t have normally made. The main job of a divorce mediator is to pacify misunderstandings between the couple and provide a moral support. The main job of a therapist is to understand an individual’s mental state and provide solutions. Sometimes, the two roles overlap and then it becomes the job of a mediator to handle both.

Therapy is also important for children whose parents are going through a divorce because the situation affects them too. Research has shown that children who witness divorce are more likely to experience mental trauma than other children. They are also more likely to perform badly in academics and other activities. Divorce mediators try locating key problem areas and try providing a possible solution.


A divorce can become ugly and individuals going through the process can becoming depressed, and mediation is a good solution.  Therapy can be required because it helps reduce stress and can lead to reconciliation as well. Divorce mediators can often provide some form of therapy if they feel that their clients are making bad and unreasonable decisions due to divorce stress and trauma.

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