Custody Issues for Military Personnel in Divorce Cases

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County child custody attorneys: California Divorce MediatorsChild custody can be a big issue if you are in the military. Deployments and relocations are frequent and when you’re constantly on the move, it becomes obvious that you cannot spent time with your children. It leads to custody battles and you may have to temporarily give up your custody. Military parents have faced this issue for a long time now and the State of California have developed laws that help such parents.

Making a family care plan

Making a family care plan is very important in divorce cases involving children. If you know someone who is in the military or if yourselves are in the military, then you know the importance of a family plan. A family care plan creates a set of guidelines to take care of your children. It describes the care provider and the roles he/she needs to play. It includes food, education, healthcare, clothing and other emotional support that will be provided to your children during your absence. It also includes short-term and long-term custody and the name of the person(s) who will provide it.

Another important aspect of creating a family care plan is keeping things transparent between you, your children, and the court.

Custody issues during relocation

Child custody is not a subject of federal laws but depends on state laws. Every state has their own set of laws to answer child custody issues. When you get deported or relocated, courts make decision based on these laws. In California, before you leave you must show the amount of support you can provide for your children. The family care plan plays an important role because you are already prepared. In case you fail to provide any proof, your leave might get delayed.

In case your relocation is not pre-planned then the court might take it into consideration and modify the court order.

Senate Bill 1082

The Senate Bill 1082 was passed in 2005 by then Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Bill was passed to ensure that parents who serve in the military are protected from child custody battles. It provides certain benefits and helps children of military personnel from legal problems.

This Bill was one of the first solutions provided to military parents who otherwise face huge problems. If you are in the military you are entitled to such protects.

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