How Much Does An Average Divorce Cost?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation orange county; California Divorce MediatorsSo you have finally decided to divorce your spouse and start a new life without him or her by your side.  However, have you ever contemplated how big a hole, a divorce could punch in your pocket? It is quite difficult to evaluate how much a divorce can actually cost you, unless you are in the middle of the process. However, you should be predisposed about the ensuing cost of a divorce and analyze whether or not you would be in a position to afford it, before you take the plunge. Let’s try to figure out the various financial aspects of a divorce.

The level of conflict

The first and foremost aspect of a divorce that can significantly influence its cost is the level of understanding between the two parties involved. The more the conflicts, the less the chances of negotiation will be. Court proceedings will require regular payments to your lawyer. This implies that the more disputes you have, the longer a court of law would take to reach a final verdict. And for all we know, you will be spending more money on the trial. 

The type of divorce

A divorce that involves no property and asset division can be resolved by out of court settlements without the help of a legal attorney. In addition to this, if your divorce is mutually agreed upon and uncontested with your spouse, you can settle the matter with the help of a single attorney who will cater to the respective needs of both the parties, at lesser charges. 

The complexity of the specific case

Divorce cases which have several other related issues such as child custody, visitation, support, property and debt division and the like are bound to be more expensive than the ones that are relatively simpler. In addition to an adversarial attorney, such complex affairs often require you to take the assistance of several outside professionals such as business valuator, financial advisor, CPA and even a psychologist, all of whom will add on to the costs of the lawsuit.

The level of control you have over your emotions

You need to understand the importance of keeping your emotions separate from the legal and financial aspects of a divorce. Exhibiting unsolicited anger over petty issues will probably give your attorney the idea of dragging the case for a prolonged period of time by fanning the flames of your resentment against your spouse, to feed his own personal hunger for money.

Divorce mediation is a more cost-effective way to get divorced.  To learn more about the divorce process in California and how mediation can help, please visit our page, What is Divorce Mediation