Why It’s Important To Choose Your Divorce Mediator Carefully

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorney in orange county; California Divorce MediationDivorce mediation/family law mediation/child support mediation not only requires a thorough legal knowledge but also a certain level of sensitivity towards the issues and towards the parties involved as well. A mediator should be someone who should strive to keep the ‘ugliness’ out of even high conflict cases, and encourage the parties to be respectful towards each other, and guide them towards reaching a creative and practical resolution. It is always better to go with a mediator who has a clean and good reputation. It is also important to choose a mediator who is acceptable to both the parties equally as well.

Go with a certified (trained) mediator

It is important for the mediator to maintain the legal aspect of your divorce. The mediator should have good knowledge about the divorce/family laws specific to each state so that he/she can provide correct information to the parties involved. The mediator should be able to inform the parties what would happen if they take their case to the court. If the parties reach an agreement, then the mediator should proceed with the agreement formalities in the correct way so that it would not be disputed in the future. A certified mediator will be able to do all this the correct way. Mediation, in a way, is an art. A trained mediator will be more proficient in this art form. Negotiation and facilitation are skills that come with experience and training.

Choose a professional mediator

A mediation is a platform where the parties involved can talk about anything and everything. The mediator is a neutral party who would listen and offer suggestions. Until an agreement is signed, nothing is binding in the mediation process. Whatever transpired in the mediation room has to remain confidential. Nothing should ever come up in the court. Hence, it is incredibly important that you choose a mediator who is not biased, whom you can trust. Always go with a professional mediator, someone who will maintain confidentiality.

Now, most of the parties have a tendency to outright reject a mediator suggested by the other party. This is not a very practical approach. First of all, you do not have to agree on anything in the mediation process if you do not want to, no one can force you. Second, the mediator suggested by the other party may be a very competent person who could resolve the issues in a very cost-effective way, and in as little time as possible. So, do some research on your own, and if you find that the mediator is actually a good choice, who is not related to the other party in any way, then go with that mediator.

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