The Different Types of Divorce Mediation Concepts

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediationA divorce mediation is a very practical, and sensible alternative to fighting out in the court. A divorce mediation can be successful as long both the parties involved remain reasonable. The different types of divorce mediation concepts are:

Evaluative divorce mediation

In evaluative divorce mediation, the mediator, who has specific and deep knowledge about divorce laws, would hear each parties arguments, and identify the weaknesses and strengths. He/she would then inform the parties about the possible outcomes should they take their case to the court. With both the parties consent, the mediator then would propose what he/she believes is a fair settlement. The parties can then accept it or reject it.

Comprehensive divorce mediation

In comprehensive divorce mediation, the mediator would cover all the aspects of the divorce. Both the parties would agree upon the division of the property, division of debt, child custody and support, spouse support, and so on. After that, both the parties would sign the comprehensive agreement. In order for the comprehensive divorce mediation to be a success, both the parties would have to agree on all the divorce issues.

Facilitative divorce mediation

In facilitative divorce mediation, the mediator would only facilitate the conversation between the parties involved. They will not evaluate the case or direct the parties to any specific settlement. The parties will decide what and all will be discussed and how the issues can be resolved. The mediator may outline the structure for the discussion and may offer informed suggestions based on his/her experience, however, that will be the extent to which he/she will get involved in the mediation process.

Virtual divorce mediation

In virtual divorce mediation, the entire mediation process is conducted online with the help of applications such as Skype, Facetime, and so on. The parties involved need not be present physically at the mediator’s office, they can just login from their home or office. Virtual divorce mediation is especially helpful for busy professionals, people with disabilities, and people who are out of the state/country. Virtual divorce mediation is cost-effective as well.

Transformative divorce mediation

In transformative divorce mediation, the mediator encourages the parties involved to have a constructive, and practical discussion. He/she encourages the parties who may be intimidated by their partner’s presence to speak out freely, and confidently. In this type of divorce mediation, importance is not given to reaching a settlement but to discuss all the issues involved practically and go about resolving them in a practical, and respectable manner.

The aim of mediation, no matter which type of mediation, is to avoid the nasty side of divorce, and reach a solution in a very civilized manner.

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