Child Custody Mediation Explained

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsFor cases involving a lot of friction between the separating parties regarding the custody settlement of their children, child custody mediation is the most effective approach to deal with the issues. With the help of an outside third party, the divorced parents can peacefully resolve their disagreements and reach a final mutually acceptable solution. Also, if the parents have worked out a mutual agreement, the professional mediator can assist them in devising a parenting plan which can be converted into the official child custody and visitation order, after the consent of the court of law.

How is mediation beneficial for you? 

It is the mediator’s duty to play as a neutral third party in child custody related conflicts and try to resolve the issues by listening to the concerns of both the involved parties. Considering the bigger picture, the child custody mediation can be quite advantageous in reaching a mutually agreed upon settlement.

  • Child custody mediators help the separating parents in devising a parenting plan which ensures the best interests of the child.
  • Child custody mediators assist the separating parents in reaching a mutual settlement and creating a parenting plan that ensures that the child spends adequate time with both the parents.
  • Child custody mediators counsel you and help you effectively deal with your resentment and negativity towards your partner.

What exactly does the mediation process involve? 

Child custody mediation is an effective approach to settling your custody and visitation related disputes without having to go to the court.  Both the parents have the right to work out their conflicts and devise a customized agreement which would state what and how of taking care of their children. The court of law refers to this agreement as stipulation, parenting plan or a time share plan. More often than not, the mediator holds separate or coordinated meetings with both the parents with the aim of developing a sound understanding of the family’s history and concerns. He also has the obligation to share with the parents the important information regarding the needs and expectations of children in different developmental stages. The mediation process involves the discussion of several issues such as legal custody, vacation schedules, visitation and transportation related disputes.

If you and your partner think that you can reach a mutual agreement which ensures the best interests of your child, child custody mediation is probably the most effective approach for you.

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