What Is An Annulment Of A Marriage?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation attorneys; California Divorce MediatorsAnnulment and divorce both mean the end of a marriage but an annulment suggests that the marriage never took place. Some people do not like the sound of the word ‘divorce’ (it carries a kind of a social or religious stigma for them). Instead, they prefer to annul their marriage. In certain churches, remarriage after an annulment is a lot easier than after a divorce.

Most annulled marriages are of a very short duration. The couple may have been married for a couple of weeks or months or even less. But sometimes long term marriages are also annulled. Annulment is of two types – civil annulment and religious annulment.

Religious annulment – Annulments granted by the church are called religious annulments. Under the Roman Catholic Church, religious annulments can be sought after a civil divorce. It allows either person from the ended marriage to remarry within the church. The church will recognize such a remarriage.

Civil annulment – Annulments granted by the state government are called civil annulments. It comes after a court proceeding. The grounds on which civil annulment can be sought differ from state to state. But at least some of the following reasons have to be true.

  • Unconsummated marriage – If the couple fails to consummate the marriage. May be one spouse is unable of sexual intercourse and the other one was not aware of this.
  • Fraud or perversion – If pieces of information valuable to the marriage are kept hidden by your spouse such as the inability to conceive or some terrible criminal record.
  • Forceful marriage – If either person has been forced into this marriage.
  • Underage – If either of the spouses was or is underage at the time of the marriage.
  • Bigamy – If either spouse was still legally married to another person at the time when this marriage took place.
  • Incest – If the spouses are related by blood. In the eyes of law and religion, it is illegal to marry a very close blood relation.
  • Mentally unstable – If either or both the people in a marriage were of unsound mind at the time of the wedding. They may have been under the heavy influence of drugs or alcohol.

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