Reconciliation After Filing For Divorce

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange-County-divorce-mediators; California Divorce MediatorsA decision of divorcing your spouse does not really imply that it is all downhill from there forward. Although, a majority of the separating couples do not reconcile after they file a divorce lawsuit, in some cases it does happen. After filing for a divorce, a couple may realize that they might be making a wrong decision by parting ways. However, there are several concerns which border around the decision of reconciling after filing for divorce from your partner.

The legal ramifications

In the event that you decide upon a mutual reconciliation during the lawsuit proceedings of your divorce, you would need to consult your attorney regarding the steps to be taken to put a stop to the trial. Since the family laws are different for different states, it is important to understand the procedural ramifications of withdrawing a divorce petition in accordance with the specific laws of your state. Usually, a couple needs to pay a non-refundable initial filing fee for their divorce petition. However, if after stopping the divorce trial and reconciling, the couple again decides to separate, they would need to pay a fresh filing fee for their new petition.

Is reconciliation the thing for you?

Before deciding upon reconciliation, both the partners need to understand the implication of it. It is a mutual decision that requires genuine efforts from both the parties in nurturing their relationship with renewed vigor. In some cases, however, reconciliation is absolutely a big no. For divorces that stem out of mental abuse or domestic violence, reconciliation might be the worst option for your kids and even yourself.

Stay connected

If you see any rays of hope that might lead you to reconciliation with your partner, it is always advisable to maintain a good line of connection with them. Counseling is an option worth considering in your specific case. You may even want to ask your spouse to attend the counseling sessions with you. A professional counselor can actually help widen your viewpoint on divorces and reconciliations and might considerably guide you on the ‘how to’ of maintaining healthy relationships. If you think your case is not yet a lost cause and there is a little bit of hope for reconciling with your spouse, it is best advised to maintain a standard of civility when communicating with him/her.  It is never too late to give your relationship a second chance.

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