What Information Will My Divorce Mediator Need From Me?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorney in orange county; California Divorce MediationYou’ve decided that divorce mediation is the way to go. It’s cost effective and the chances are that there will be an amicable settlement of your dispute. The divorce mediator is going to help you come to an agreement that you can both be satisfied with. But for the mediator to do so, you will have to provide him or her with all the required information. Your mediator needs to know the background of the divorce, the financial assets involved, and whether or not any children are involved. Leaving aside any special information the mediator might ask for, the information that you must provide the mediator with include:

  • The background of your divorce. The reasons that are causing the divorce. For example, infidelity, unacceptable behavior, lack of equality and so on.
  • The major assets involved. For example, savings, houses, pensions and the likes.
  • Both of your incomes and expenditures.
  • Which one of you is opting for the divorce and if or not, both of you agree that getting a divorce is necessary.
  • If you have children, and if they are dependent, i.e. under-18, educating full time, or has special needs.

Providing more information will only make it better and easier for the mediator to comprehend the situation and provide you with an acceptable solution. Your mediator can also request your spouse to provide details of important information that you may not be able to provide. However, this could cause an increase in the time and cost. You should also inform your mediator about the major objectives on your mind. For example, custody of the child, or that you at least contact them regularly, division of the home, asset division, whether there are any payable maintenance and so on.

Providing financial documents 

You will also need to provide the mediator with financial information and documentation, such as bank statements, pay stubs, corporate records, etc.

Quite understandably, while you might be a little hesitant at first, to provide all the information that your mediator might ask of you, it will only make the process easier for him or her, and as a result, for you. Also, you can ask your mediator to keep the information confidential if you wish to do so.

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