Do You Need Therapy After Your Divorce?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediators Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsIt is like the lull after a tempestuous storm. The constant disagreements, inexplicable yelling, and the perpetual abhorrence have all been finally put to an end. After a prolonged financially, physically, and mentally draining litigation, your divorce petition has been granted. Now, you have all the time in the world to live for yourself, and enjoy every bit of it with the utmost freedom and peace.

The question now is, how are you supposed to ignore that searing pain inside your heart, that massive void in your life, and the glaring truth that the life and happiness you once dreamt of, is no more? All that energy that you devoted into nurturing your relationship has turned into the drab negativity that now surrounds you. The dreams, hope, and plans that you once shared with your partner have all been shattered and vanished into thin air.

As per the physiology-experts world-over, the most effective way to deal with this post-divorce trauma and depression is to consult a therapist. There are several ways in which therapy can help you deal with the stress after a separation.

Helps you mourn your loss

No matter how unhappy you were in the relationship with your partner, a divorce still marks an enormous loss of your emotional, as well as financial well-being. Most of us tend to mask our emotions by sweeping them under the table, and going on with our usual life as if nothing has happened. However, when in grief, it is best advised to let go of your past and move on. Therapy teaches you the significance of mourning, in achieving a closure.

Helps you get rid of your emotional baggage

Therapy helps you get through the tough times by teaching you how to deal with your pent-up emotions. Suppressing your feelings, can wreak havoc on your system and end up making your situation worse than before. Therapists make use of behavioral and cognitive techniques, to help you release all the negativity filled inside you, and make space for fresh feelings of peace and cheerfulness.

Helps you discover a new you

After a failed marriage, most of the people end up belittling and despising themselves. More often than not, they form a distorted image of themselves and make up their mind that they are good for nothing. Therapy can help such people, realize the importance of human life, and also help them rediscover and reinvent themselves, for leading a better life.

The truth is that it is extremely hard to acknowledge the life after a painful divorce. With each passing days, it becomes exceeding difficult to deal with the unending loop of emptiness and distress. However, professional help, from someone who truly cares for you, can help you recover from your loss and give a whole new meaning to your life.

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