How To Select The Best Divorce Mediator For You

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorney in orange county; California Divorce MediationA mediator is a neutral third party, who sits down with the two people who want a divorce, and discusses their arrangement, what works for them and what doesn’t. They have to be really good at resolving any issues that might come up during the discussion, by coming up with solutions that are agreeable to both parties. This is no easy feat, by any means, and hence finding the right person for the job can be very difficult. However, there are a few things that you should particularly look for, when trying to find a good divorce mediator.

Look for a committed mediator

First and foremost, your mediator should be committed to divorce mediation, meaning that he or she truly believes in it and not simply as a secondary option. If the person you have decided on is also a divorce litigation attorney who is also a trained mediator, that’s okay as long as that person can recognize what cases can and should be mediated, and those that should be litigated, without the cost thereof being the determining factor. They have to be compassionate, listening to both the side and keeping both their requirements in mind, in order to come up with something negotiable. In order to ensure that the family remains emotionally stable, they need to be able to genuinely care for what might be the best solution for everyone. They also have to have a thorough understanding of financial matters, when handling settlement for various assets.

Check the mediator’s background

For someone who needs to discuss child custody, you should approach a mediator who has a background in therapy and understands family dynamics. A divorce causes a bigger impact on the lives of children than it does on the parents. Therefore, their welfare has to be kept in mind. They must also showcase a practical approach to handling these situations, instead of getting swayed away by emotions, because that may lead to some unfair judgments.  They should also be well-educated about the law regarding this matter, and be able to explain things concerning the divorce to both parties, thoroughly. He would talk about the option of hiring divorce lawyers, what that would involve, how things might proceed in the court and what the likely result would be.

Lastly, a good mediator is one who offers his services at a reasonable cost. If divorce mediation costs just as high as the whole process of the divorce usually is, then it might be even more difficult for people to go ahead with the proceedings.

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