Finding Out Why Divorce Is So Hard

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation lawyers; California Divorce Mediators“Going through an Orange County divorce is difficult.” This is because you cannot describe divorce in another way. It is emotionally disturbing, makes you feel depressed, paralyzed, helpless and betrayed. You can feel lost and sad all the time. The good thing though, is that you are not alone in these feelings. Almost everyone that goes through an Orange County divorce experiences such issues.

Yet, this blog goes beyond the rhetoric and actually highlights why divorce is really so hard. If you thought the death of a loved one was bad, divorce can often be three times worse. Here is how and why.

End of a Long Term Relation

Most marriages can be long. Even if the marriage isn’t long, the period of the relationship can be longer. When such a relation that has spanned for most of your youth ends, it is the end of life as you knew it. The fact that you are no longer with your spouse, and that you no longer have them to support you or appreciate you, can sting. They are left with a void that unfortunately you may struggle to fill, causing pain.

The End of a Theory

If you have read a fairytale, you’ll know that everything back in your childhood ended with a happily ever after. This is a romantic notion that we are taught through the course of our life. With an Orange County divorce, this notion comes crashing down. This highlights that something we had believed in, and hoped would happen, was nothing more than a fantasy. Real life is different to the reel life. This results in people experiencing humiliation, having seen their beliefs being proved wrong and their hopes mocked.

Lack of Trust

For most people that grew up in a household where the marriage of their parents was intact, marriage is a corner stone to build your life around. And your spouse was someone that you could trust to never betray you. However, if you have experienced marital betrayal or domestic abuse which is the reason for your Orange County divorce, you may feel wronged. This feeling of being cheated upon can hurt people through the course of their life.

Despite the hurt being real, what you need to realize is that a divorce is not the end of the world. There are possibilities that need to be explored and a life that needs to be lived even if you have gone through a divorce.

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