Top Reasons You Need a Divorce Mediator

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation; California Divorce MediatorsDivorce is an unfortunate consequence of an unyielding and unrewarding marriage. Divorce rates seem to be soaring in the country in recent times. You have to be cautious about any potential situation that this unfortunate situation may bestow upon you and your family. Divorces with children could be a lot more daunting, it could affect the kids in ways that could hamper their personality and emotional stability for a while, which is why it is very important for you to engage a professional with years of experience to do the job.

Amicable solution

At California Divorce Mediators, it’s not about trying to hoodwink and cheat your spouse out of the relationship by trying to take or to lose the fair share of the deal.  It is important that you get your fair share of the bargain without needing to stress on the financial situation and emotional trauma. California Divorce Mediators are licensed professionals who will enable an amicable solution so that no party may be left feeling deceived, which could give rise to further lawsuits and disputes. This could traumatize the children.

Avoidance of court dealings

The dealings of the court could be brutally trying on the children and the family on a while. If any divorce case had to go to court, it could be time consuming, and will leave you stressed out over battles that could enervate your life. Instead of draining yourself with the troubles, it is better to mediate divorce cases by settling the financial aspects in a pleasant amicable manner outside of court. The point of mediation is to allow the best and sound advice and result without the iron fist of the court that could leave everyone unhappy. Studies have shown that divorce mediation is more effective wherein people are willing and more content with the end result. Additionally it also shows that people are more willing to give in to their financial settlements without any financial hassles.


When it comes to divorce lawyers and mediators, especially in the State of California, it could be a tricky ordeal. The price of any lawyer must be taken into consideration. Divorce mediators allow you to have an amiable settlement without the added disadvantage of lawyer and court fees, which could allow you to comfortably transition from a troubled relation to a separate and cordial separation.

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