The Main Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Is Better Than Litigation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsThe labyrinth of law processes can always be a little daunting and unfortunate. The terminology and basic functions of any process could be a very time consuming and tedious process that could take a lot of your time, leaving you to be an unproductive at work. This could devolve into a situation that could trouble you a lot further.

In the case of divorce, there are various types of settlements possible, however, the more the options, the more confusing it could get. For instance there is a difference between divorce litigation and divorce mediation. Here are some of the major differences that could make your life easier.


In divorce litigation, the average cost could run up to anywhere between $10,000-25,000+.  However, the mediation cost is a fraction of that amount in most cases.

Convenience for the kids

In the case of litigation, the courts will probably appoint a court lawyer to represent the children as well. This could be a harrowing ordeal for the children who may be pulled into the case unwillingly, which could hamper their early child development and growth. In the case of a divorce mediation, the trouble is minimal, and everything could be settled outside of court without weighing down on the kids as much.

The decision

In a divorce litigation, due to the incompatibility of the two parties, the court and the judge would have the final say in the judgement as to what the final settlement is. However, in the case of a divorce mediation, the two parties can have an amiable and consensual settlement over any finances or any other disparity that may arise.


When it comes to a divorce litigation, the matter of privacy is always an issue. If any divorce litigation is filed, it is an official case, and every single detail of the case is made public knowledge that is very easily accessible. However, when it comes to divorce mediation, the case is kept behind closed doors, and none of the differences that arise due to any disputes need to be made public.

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