How Virtual Divorce Mediation Can Be A Game Changer

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsIf you are looking to get married, there are so many avenues open to help you with this. The numbers of ways a person can get married are increasing, but what about the number of ways to get out of marriage if a marriage doesn’t work? When you talk to people with regards to a divorce, the first thing they think about are courts, lawyers dressed up in black and people ready to fight one another for their assets.

This though, is not a fair reflection of a divorce. With time, the process of divorce has evolved and today, there are methods other than litigation, such as Orange County divorce mediation, which are new and improved ways of getting divorced. Another enhancement that can and should come in this regard is the advent of virtual divorce mediation. But why? The benefits of virtual mediation and how it can be a game changer are highlighted below.

It is Very Convenient

Divorce mediation is a simple process that can be smooth for most people. On top of that, if you add the virtual element to it, it would mean that the spouses wouldn’t have to be in the same vicinity, or even country, to mediate with one another in the presence of a mediator. It can all be done online as each of the spouses continues to go their own separate ways.

Readily Available

The primary difference that exists between divorce mediation and a litigated divorce is the fact that mediation is typically best for spouses that are cooperating. However, the use of virtual mediation can change that. Here, even two warring spouses that hate each other to bits will be able to work with one another for a better future, knowing that they are not in each other’s dreaded company.

Enhanced Comfort Level

If people tell you going through a divorce is easy; never believe them. No matter what type the divorce is, you will always feel a sense of regret, pain and guilt at the relationship’s ending. Yet, the use of virtual mediation can help you become comfortable with the mediation proceedings. You can take part in Orange County divorce mediation from your own home, a place where you are at your most comfortable.

It’s Tech Savvy

The world is fast changing, and every few months or so, the top mobile companies produce the latest of mobile phones that sends the rest of the stock in the market spiraling down in demand. The same case applies here with divorce. Earlier, there was only litigation, but as time passed and people wanted something more, divorce mediation came into the picture. If mediation is to keep its place as the go to option for couples looking to divorce, it needs to add something extra and the best way to do that, is by making it tech savvy.

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