Five Factors that Will Make Your Divorce More Expensive

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys in Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsWhile filing for a formal divorce might not be the most pleasant thing, it however becomes absolutely paramount at times. There are factors though that might make a significant dent in your pocket during the divorce process. Five such factors are listed below:

  1. Complex financial property: Divorce could be particularly taxing on a couple when large and complex financial property is involved. In order to decipher the exact division of such property, financial experts need to be employed. Also, a large amount of negotiation and mediation might be required to find out a tenable and viable division of the property. This happens especially when a certain property is indivisible. Also, dividing the property might result in increased taxes.
  2. Absence of unanimity on decisions concerning child custody: When both the parties become hostile on the issue of child custody, the procedure for divorce becomes automatically more expensive. Educational and medical decisions pertaining to the child also become apples of discord between the warring parties. Since, the parties might be justified in their demands, a decision might be all that difficult for the court to take and consequently the process might turn out to be rather expensive.
  3. One of the parties harp on making everything hard: While you and your attorney might be all too reasonable with your provisions, there is very little you could do to check your spouse from turning everything into a difficult exercise. Your partner might want to take advantages of the all the existing laws and thus the process might turn out to be an expensive one for you.
  4. Fighting over property that hardly matters: If you or your spouse decides to fight on a property that hardly matters, you could be doling out a lot of disservice to yourself. The cost to fight for the property might be more than the cost of the property itself. Remember, you might be complicating the process and might end up spending a lot more than what you were actually supposed to spend.
  5. A conviction that a procedural delay might resurrect the marriage: It is important to let go when filing for a divorce. Merely delaying the process to make the other partner understand the value of the marriage is simply a waste of time and money. At the end, you would grow poorer and the divorce would invariably take place anyways.

Therefore, parties going through a divorce should consider divorce mediation as a much more cost-effective method of resolving their issues more quickly and out of the court system.

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