Facing a Bad Valentine’s Day

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsThe concept of Valentine’s Day is one where you celebrate your love for your partner who has either been there with you through thick or thin or someone who you think has the potential to be an amazing companion. The core of Valentine’s Day is its message of love, appreciation and togetherness.

Back in the school or college when practical life hadn’t dawned, a bad Valentine’s Day for most people was one where every one of their friends and colleagues had gotten a card or a flower, but they didn’t.

But as we grow up and get out of your colleges to the more practical side of things, attending university and so on, the worst Valentine’s Day is one where you and your partner grow apart or break up. None of this though compares to the worst Valentine’s Day in reality.

A Day in Court

This is a divorce blog and you guessed it right, the worst Valentine’s Day for a person will be when their Orange County divorce case is scheduled for the 14th of February. Imagine the pain and the flood of negative emotions that one would face when they have to go to court to finalize the process of the end of their marital relation on the day that is touted as a day of love and appreciation.

The impact of emotions in our life is paramount and more so, when you are going through an Orange County divorce. This is one point in your life when you are at your most vulnerable, licking your wounds and looking back at what could have been, and what should have been.

It is amazing how people can muster the strength to come up to court on the 14th of February with their lawyers and engage in a bitter fight for assets, children and other things in your divorce case. A stark opposite of what this day represents in reality. Instead of the couple looking towards the future, the couple will find themselves bickering about the past and how each would want to go their separate way in the future.

Avoiding a Bad Valentine’s Day

What can you do if your Orange County divorce case is scheduled to be heard on the 14th of February except going and attending your divorce proceedings? You can do nothing; you will have to attend the proceedings. Yet, this awkward encounter could be avoided if you go for Orange County divorce mediation instead of litigated divorce.

The thing about divorce mediation is that it empowers the spouse to take the decisions. This means that you will decide the date of the proceedings, the course of the proceedings and the decision of the mediation proceedings between yourself and your spouse. This means that such dreadful dates of having to go through a divorce hearing on the day of togetherness and love can and will be avoided.

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