Divorce Mediation – A Stress Reducer

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsOne of the hardest things to do in life is parting way with things that you cherished, loved and spent time with. The same is the case in marriages, where two people come together and decide to spend the rest of their life with one another. When such an institution comes to an end and the couple decides to get a divorce, there can be chaos, hurt, pain, worry and stress.

Once a couple decides to go their separate ways, there are two paths to choose: they could either get a litigated divorce or opt for divorce mediation. The choice of which path to walk on and which one to leave alone will typically determine the kind of future that they experience.

Divorce is a Stressful Process

Getting a divorce is a stressful process. The thought of leaving your partner of many years even if you have developed irreconcilable differences with them can often take its toll. It is natural for a spouse to feel sad at the ending of something that was started to last a life time.

On top of sorrow, what spouses feel the most is stress. The stress of what will happen to their children and how will they be brought up, the stress of the financial outcome of the divorce, the stress of an uncertain financial future and the stress that comes from a bitter litigated battle with the other spouse.

But did you know that stress can lead to a number of major health issues for a person? This includes the recurrence of diseases that have only recently subsided.

Moreover, the uncertainty that surrounds a divorce can also be too much for spouses to handle, affecting their view of the case and their state of mind in some situations.

Mediation to Relieve Stress

Remember that at the start of the blog, we highlighted that there are two paths to a divorce that you can choose? The second one, i.e. divorce mediation is the one designed to help you deal with your stress and uncertainties. People often talk about a number of advantages that mediation holds over litigated divorce, such as:

  • Being faster
  • Creative
  • Cheaper
  • Confidential

Yet, the fact that mediation is a process that gives spouses a peace of mind and acts as a stress reliever is often understated. Orange County divorce mediation is different to litigation in many ways. Primarily, it gives the decision making powers to the spouses themselves. Often, spouses having a divorce are stressed about what the future holds for them and what portion of the assets they will get. In mediation, the powers to determine the financial future of the spouses, custody and upbringing of the child etc, are all bestowed upon the spouses themselves.  When they know they are in charge, spouses are less likely to stress out about the outcome since they are the ones drafting it.

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