Should Stay-At-Home Mothers Chose Divorce Mediation?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsEven in this day and age of fast moving lives, there are many households where the husband is the bread earner of the family and the wife stays at home to run the household and takes care of the children.  The task that stay at home moms accomplish cannot be underestimated.

The choice of whether to out for divorce mediation or traditional litigation is an important one, since it concerns the procedure that you will opt to end your relation with your spouse. It has added significance because whatever decisions you take will have a significant effect on how your future will be.

The best way to choose between the two is to take a look at the 4 critical areas of a divorce and how each works and then decide for yourself.

Child Custody

When you hire a divorce lawyer and so do your spouse, the two will battle it out in court in front of the judge to prove each party’s worth and ability to have the child. This simply means that you are putting the future of your child in the hands of someone who does not really know you, your spouse, or your child.  Are you comfortable with that?

If you opt for divorce mediation on the other hand, you will be able to talk to your spouse under the guidance of a mediator about the child’s future. Children are the most important things in your life and mediation allows parents to amicably sort out mutually acceptable parenting plans to follow.

Alimony/Spousal Support

When you go through a divorce especially since you are a “work-at-home” mom who spent her time trying to run the household instead of earning money, you will be entitled to spousal support. This award that has to be paid by the other spouse is awarded in litigation as well as a right in mediation. In divorce mediation where both of parties decide it, the amount to be paid may be fairer to both parties.

Division of Assets

Litigation will involve the spouse fighting with one another to get the proper division of assets, which ultimately will be decided by a third party judge if not resolved by the parties.  Divorce mediation on the other hand allows the spouse to mutually decide their property affairs among themselves more quickly and cost-effectively.

In the end, divorce mediation can accomplish what divorce litigation usually works out, but at a quicker pace and lesser cost, which allows parties to move on with their lives more quickly and focus on the children rather than a lengthy divorce case that goes on for months or even years.

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