Is Your Divorce Case Getting Out-Of-Hand?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation attorneys; California Divorce MediatorsAre you in the middle of a divorce case that continues to linger on and on and is turning into a grueling process? Then you may be coming to the realization that your litigated divorce case is getting out of hand. In such situations, all the divorce lawyers will do is fight against one another and keep increasing the duration of the case. This will not only be increasing the costs of the process for you but also the stress.

The stress from such a divorce that goes on and on and shows no sign of stopping can be immense. You may even be thinking how bad your decision to go into a litigated divorce was and whether there is anything that you can do to end this ordeal.

Being Careful Of A Legal Mess

When there is a legal mess, a financial mess is often nearby. The situation that you find yourself in can be categorized as a legal mess. There are divorce lawyers churning you for your cash, the case going no faster and the other spouse is feeling the exact same feeling as you of stress and angst at the litigation going out of hand.  In such situations, what you need to do is ensure that you take care in how your case proceeds and voice your concerns with your lawyer.

Getting Divorced Without Lawyers

If your spouse is going through the same ordeal as you are, it’s time you approach the other spouse and mutually decide to mediate the case. This process ensures that the two spouses are in charge of the procedure.  The format of this divorce is simple.  It involves you and your spouse to talk out the issues that you face with one another. Both of you have decide on the details of the divorce agreement such as property division, custody of the child, spousal support, etc. with the guidance of an Orange County divorce mediator. The mediator is a complete third party in this arrangement and is only tasked with keeping the situation during the mediation cordial and to guide you in terms of laws. They will have no bearing whatsoever on the decision that you take.  The mediator is there to help settle the case, not to keep it going indefinitely.

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