Divorce Mediation Produces Better Results For Parents and Children

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California Divorce MediationAs the number of divorces continues to rise, so does the number of people opting for divorce mediation. Mediation has continued to take roots in California for a decade or so. Today it has become so popular that even celebrities such as Ben Affleck are looking towards it to end their relationships without bringing their personal family life under the glare of media.

When a person goes through divorce mediation there are a number of good changes that are felt on the person’s life.  This blog will talk about some of those good changes that mediation leaves on your life.

·         Cordial/Healthy Relationship with the Other Spouse

What sets divorce mediation apart from litigation proceedings is the fact that mediation is all about consultative decision making between the spouses. Irrespective of the extent of their differences, the spouses themselves will need to talk and agree on a mutually acceptable solution. The role of the divorce mediator in such a situation is simply to keep the spouses from fighting one another and to keep the mood of the mediation peaceful.

This when put in practice means that despite ending their relationship, spouses will have cordial and amicable relations post-divorce. They will be able to consult one another at numerous junctures if they want.

·         A Happy Childhood for Your child

All a parent wants is to make sure that their child is kept out of harm’s way and remains happy. If you are a parent you’ll understand that when going through a divorce, children can be exposed to a number of pains and emotional torments not least one where they see their parents battling out against the other.

On the other hand, Orange County divorce mediation allows the parents to sit on a table and resolve their issues, chief among which will almost always be the child’s future. The parents can mutually decide the best interest of the child and safeguard their future while keeping them away from the toxic atmosphere of divorce litigation.

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