Using Divorce Mediation to End a Long-Term Marriage

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsHow do you get a divorce in a marriage that you have been in for a very long time? There may be a number of reasons for ending such a long association, but irrespective of that, the most important thing to consider is whether or not you are willing to risk your long-standing relations with your kids and your spouse even after getting a divorce.

When you have been in a long-term marriage, you will know your spouse and even their family and friends inside out. A divorce that is litigated on the other hand will mean that each of the spouses will be using a divorce lawyer to fight against the opposing spouses lawyers. These will typically not end well since lawyers will go through each and every measure to ensure that their client has the upper hand even if it means demeaning of the other spouse.

Don’t leave it on a sour note

Having had a decade long relation of marriage means that you should ensure that you marriage does not end on a sour note. A long marriage means a number of memories, cherishable moments and a healthy relationship with your children. If you opt to go for litigation what you are doing is ultimately making sure that there are issues in your life with regards to your past life even once you have gone through divorce litigation.

This is primarily because a lawyer-led divorce can increase the amount of bitterness between the spouses; in some cases if the marriage has gone on long enough the children may be used to testify against the other spouse i.e. their parents. This will not hurt the family emotionally, but also leave a lasting impact on the children.

Choosing a Peaceful Way

If you are looking to end your marriage that has been going on for a long time, the best way to do that while ensuring the peace and integrity of both the spouses is maintained is going for Orange County divorce mediation. There many reasons why divorce mediation suits the divorce of your long standing relation. Here is a list of some of the many advantages that it offers.

  • When you enter into divorce mediation, the power of decision making is with the spouses, which means that they can make decisions of their future themselves as long as it is mutually acceptable.
  • What happens in mediation stays in mediation. This means that while the proceedings of the court and the court records are a matter open to the general public. In divorce mediation, whatever happens in the process stays between the two spouses and the mediator. Ensuring that modesty of the claimants as well as their self respect is maintained.

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