Mediation is the Best Way To End A Short-Term Marriage

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediation Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsWhen you get into a marriage irrespective of the reasons for your marriage more often than not you would want the marriage to last the lifetime. Yet, there are often three kinds of marriages: One is a marriage that lasts a lifetime; another is a long term marriage while the last one is a short term marriage. Out of the three, a short term marriage is one less than 10 years in duration.

How should you get a divorce after your short term marriage? The answer to the question can be given in a number of different ways. You could either go for divorce mediation or a litigated divorce. Both of these methods are completely different to one another and the method you choose will dictate the way you live life in your future as well as relations you have with your kids and your ex spouse.

Litigated Divorce

A litigated divorce which is dictated by the family law court is one of the most common way couples have opted to end their marriages. These cases are typically heard by the judge and the two spouses are each represented in the court by their counsels who will look to make sure that they leave no stone unturned to demean the other spouse and give advantage to their client.

However these divorces despite being the typical way that people have divorced over the years have started to face a number of administrative issues which has meant that they are unable to handle the bulk of cases causing undue delays, etc.

Divorce Mediation

Typically this is one area that has continued to increase in popularity as litigation starts to lose the confidence of the people. Orange County divorce mediation is one of the easiest ways to get divorced. Here, unlike litigation, the decision-making authority is in the hands of the spouses.  In a mediated divorce, the two spouses are asked to sit together and talk with one another to ensure that the they are able to agree on resolutions to their divorce.

When you have had a short term marriage, it can almost be equated with a breakup. For people that have gone through long marriages, marriage may have become part of their life. The people going through a short term marriage are luckier in way that they might not have become as entrenched in their married life. Irrespective of the fact that they have been in a short or a long term marriage, having healthy relations with your spouse and your kids even after you have had an Orange County divorce. For that to happen you will need to go through a peaceful divorce settlement, free from bitterness, and that means divorce mediation.

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