How To Effectively Co-Parent After Divorce

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediation attorneys; California Divorce MediatorsDuring your marriage and once you have gone through a divorce a number of things in and around you can change. However, the more some things change, the more they stay the same that is so as far as your children are concerned. Normally the love, care and attention that the parents grant the children during their marriage will continue even once they have parted ways.

Increasingly most people that have children involved in their divorces are looking to go into Orange County divorce mediation to end their relations instead of a litigated divorce. There are many reasons for this happening. One of the most important ones is because parents can make use of co- parenting to ensure that the child is taken care of at all times.

Despite the apparent importance of co parenting, it continues to be a subject that parents worry themselves about. This blog however gives parents who have gone through a divorce a few tips to help them unravel the mysteries of co-parenting.

1.     Communication

This is the most important thing needed in a healthy activity and a relationship at any time. The term co-parenting means that the two parents will have to work together in mutual consultation and agreement to ensure that the child is not made to feel the fact that their parents have gone through an Orange County divorce.  For all of these activities to work well, there will need to be sound communication between the two parents.

2.     Keep your Emotions to Yourself

Yes you have gone through an Orange County divorce, yes you may have issues with the spouse which is why you opted to end the relation however, do you think those emotions need to be regularly expressed day in and day out? Do you think when your spouse comes over or talks to you about the benefits of your child those emotions should come to the fore and dictate proceedings? The answer is no.  Bringing your emotions into the co parenting will only ruin the cordial atmosphere and prove a detriment to your children.

3.     Protecting Your Child from the Cross-Fire

There are often situations where the child can be caught up in between the cross fire of hate between their parents. This is the worst position for a child to find themselves in. One of the key’s to unlocking the mysteries of co parenting is putting the child head and shoulders above everyone and everything else. To take a leaf out of the family law in the State, there needs to be the “best interest of the child always at play.

Co-parenting is not one of the hardest things to succeed in life. In fact as far as reality is concerned it is one of the easiest. The thing about it though is that while it is designed to benefit the child, if the parents are unable to put their past behind it can haunt their children.

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