Ending Your Marital Relationship Out of Court

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation lawyers; California Divorce MediatorsWhen two people decide to marry, it is one of the most beautiful expressions of human emotions. Agreeing to spend your life with another person mutually is one of the norms of our life. However, it’s not always that such relations work out.  The reasons couples for a divorce can be varied. They can either be emotional dissociation, infidelity or just a lack of getting along. Whatever the reason for a divorce, the general consensus developing is that it is better to settle your divorce out of court instead of in it.

A Long Wait

An English legal maxim says “Delay defeats Equity” which means that delay in the justice system hampers the rights of the individuals. Unfortunately the increasing number of people filing for divorce has increased the workload of the courts, causing undue delays. Imagine if you and your spouse have fights almost daily and living with them has proved to be an emotional burden for you. Would you want a faster divorce or one for which you have to wait?

You would of course want a divorce that is fast, allowing you to move on with your life as soon as possible. This is where Orange County divorce mediation comes into play. While courts have tons of procedures that take up time in addition to the delay. Orange County divorce mediation is a fast procedure where the two spouses will talk their differences out and come to a mutually conclusive decision.

The Cost

A divorce is a jolt to your financial situation. Having your assets divided up and your income shared between the two spouses can in itself be a cost. People who go through a divorce face an uncertain economic future, since the state of their finances is in the hands of the judge. These judges will typically have rules and procedures laid down which they will use to divide finances between the two spouses.

Unless the situation is as ideal as the one mentioned in the statute these financial situations are almost always favoring one party and a disadvantage to the other. In Orange County divorce mediation on the other hand, you are able to decide your cases and state of finances between yourself. Remember in mediation, no decision can be taken unless both spouses agree on it. This means the disadvantages spouse will have the chance of making the situation even.

In addition to that, court cases of divorce can be particularly costly in comparison to mediation. For a court case to run, you need to pay the case registration fees, the lawyer’s fees and any other fees that may be required during the course. In mediation however, the costs are much lower and can save parties from incurring substantial debt funding legal fees.

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