Top 5 Issues in Orange County Divorce Mediation

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediators in Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsOrange County divorce mediation is becoming a more preferable alternative to traditional divorce litigation. A number of people are looking towards this new method as means to end their relationship peacefully without hassle. Yet, most people who are interested in mediation are reluctant to try this new method since they are unaware of the issues that mediation can handle.

Here is a lowdown on some of the leading issues that Orange County divorce mediation can handle:

Child Custody

Which spouse gets the custody of the spouse? Will it be a joint custody and what will be the visitation hours are all important issues that need to decide after a couple decides to end their relation. Children are one of the most important assets and should be dealt with by care. There are two types of physical custody available in Orange County family law; one is physical custody and the other legal custody. Spouses attending mediation are not quite bound by these laws; hence can often workout a workable parenting plan between themselves in the best favor of the child.

Spousal Support

Spousal support is another issue that can be mutually decided between spouses in Orange County Divorce mediation. Spousal support simply put is a payment made by the spouse that earns to then stay at home spouse to make sure they are able to sustain their lifestyle. The idea behind this payment is to make sure that the spouse that stays at home is not but at a disadvantage to the earning spouse.

Child Support

One of the leading issues of an Orange County divorce is with regards to child support. This simply means the payment that needs to be paid to maintain and guarantee the betterment of the child and to safeguard their future. While the law in California has a special way and set rules to decide how each of the spouses need to pay the support to the spouse who has the custody of the child, in an Orange County divorce mediation things are different. There is a realization that no two situations are same and spouses can decide mutually any amount that they see fit and just for their child.

Division of Debt

Debt division is an important issue, which unfortunately must come up in all divorce mediation cases. While asset division is thought to be one aspect which can result in conflicts between spouses, debt division can also divide opinions. Yet handling and dividing of debt is an important debt that comes up in mediation cases.

Property Division

Division of asset is an important part of your divorce case irrespective of whether it is mediation or litigation. In mediation spouses will have the chance to decide on their asset division in a more flexible comfortable way that can help both the parties in their future endeavors.

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