The Better Divorce – A Team Effort

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation attorney; California Divorce MediatorsIs there ever a “good” divorce? The concept of a perfect divorce is essentially a flawed one. A divorce in itself is a sign of imperfection and a failure in terms of the relation between the spouses. Divorce is not something that spouses plan for and yet it is something that continues to happen day in and day out.

While there may be no concept of a good or perfect divorce, is there are a better way to end the relation with your spouse so that neither of you feel betrayed at how the relationship ended? There certainly is, here is a low down on the better way to divorce your spouse.

Divorce mediation: the better way to divorce

Divorce mediations are carried out by divorce mediators. These people are responsible for maintaining that the divorce goes on smoothly, with both the spouses talking their differences out and reaching a mutually acceptable decision. Mediation is one of the fastest and easiest ways for two spouses to part ways but there are a number of things that need to be maintained in order to make sure that mediation works.

Time, effort and effective communication are just a few of the many ingredients needed in a successful mediation proceeding. The key to a good mediation is cooperation. Here is a list of a few tips to make sure divorce mediation works.

·         Open communication

One of the things that makes divorce mediation a perfectly acceptable process for most spouses is because of its transparency. Both the spouses involved in the process and the mediator conducting the mediation need to be kept in the loop with all then happenings of the case. Once you have committed to solving your marital issue using mediation you need to be open to effective and detailed communication with your spouse amicably.

·         Come to mediation with an open mind

Before most spouses come to divorce mediation, they will have drawn up certain solutions and scenarios that they may be willing to accept. While that is a healthy approach allowing you to have a solution in mind during your negotiations, you should not be rigid with your solution. As you go through Orange County divorce mediation, newer solutions may be flaunted and you find them acceptable. It is okay to move away from you pre-set solution and agree to the one being suggested by your spouse.

·         Willingness to cooperate

You may not be happy with your spouse on their decision to part ways, but once you have become part of mediation process. The key to success is making sure you are ready to cooperate and work together with them to find a solution. You should realize that it your future that is being decided and you should make sure it is for the best.

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