3 Reasons Your Spouse May Not Want a Divorce

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediation attorney Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsThe simple fact about getting a divorce is even if one party wants to get a divorce, both of you will get a divorce. There is no need for permission by the other spouse for the divorce process to go through. It can go on without it.

While you can get a divorce if you are hell bent on getting it, trying too hard and pushing the other spouse into the process can ultimately lead to wide ranging bust ups and bitterness between the two spouses.

You should always remember the fact that the way your Orange County divorce starts will set the tone and path it will take throughout the separation procedure. If you want a divorce you can go to the court and get one, but is that really the best option especially if you have kids?

The best way to divorce in a relationship that has kids is through Orange County divorce mediation. But for mediation to work, you need to understand the objections to divorce that your spouse has raised and then logically addressing these to them.

Here are the 3 top reasons your spouse may raise against going ahead with a divorce.

#1: For the kids’ sake it’s better to stay together

Some spouses believe that parents need to stay together with one another be it at any cost just to make sure the kid’s are taken care of. While this may academically be relevant, in reality that is not the case. A divorce in itself doesn’t necessarily have a lasting detrimental effect on the children.

It may be a setback to not have your parents living together, but if the parents are able to agree on an effective co-parenting procedure the change will not be visible to the child. All in all, it’s better than seeing married parents fighting it out daily.

#2: Let’s give it a little time to work it out

People don’t wake up one day and decide that they are better off with a divorce. The decision of wanting out will require a number of years of emotional torment, and deliberations. Most spouses that opt to divorce will opt for it at a stage when it has really become stagnant and there is very little if anything anybody can do to make it better.

When that’s the case, no counseling or time together can change that and ultimately a divorce will need to be taken.

#3: It’s better economically to stay together

Spouses who are practical may look at divorce as an unnecessary financial strain. While that may be true, it needs to be remembered that people who live apart are more aware of their finances and thus tend to be more responsible with their spending among other things.

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