15 Ways to Be Happy Post-Divorce

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

orange county divorce mediators; California Divorce MediatorsGoing through a divorce may be hard, but getting over a divorce is not easy either. Once you have gone through a divorce with your spouse, usually you’ll feel tired, bogged down or even emotionally unstable to some extent. These are indications that your divorce has left you drained to the core. Irrespective of the divorce procedure adopted, once you have gone through a divorce, you’ll need to start being happy.

Here are 15 ways you can bring the happiness and the joy back in your life post divorce:

1.     Seek Inspiration

Go online or surf through the quotation books and write the most inspirational quotes that resonate with your situation and post them throughout your house and work in different parts, so that each time of the day when you look at them you feel inspired.

2.     Be Firm in Your Resolve to Recover

You can never recover from your divorce unless you are looking to recover from it. Make sure you are hell-bent on healing and it will eventually follow.

3.     Laugh Your Way Through It

Laughter is the best remedy. When you start to think of your ex or what might have been, put on a funny DVD on your favorite standup comedians and enjoy the show.

4.     Listen to Uplighting, Fun Music

Close the curtains, close the door, power up the music and fire away. Sing, dance, just let your free spirit out and let it enjoy the music.

5.     Delve into Books

If you are a fan of reading, instead of letting your mind wander off in the events of your divorce, simply grab a good book that soothes your soul or captures your imagination.

6.     Find an Affirmation

When you are going through a rough patch, it is important that you develop a motto, an affirmation that you can tell yourself everyday when the going gets tough to keep your morale up.

7.     Go Outside

Nature is the best healer, get outside, walk in the sunshine, smell the flowers and have a nice walk through the garden, all of these will help you erase the gloom in your life.

8.     Help the Less Fortunate

You situation may be bad, but when you help someone less fortunate, you’ll see how their situation is even worse. Helping someone in need will also make you feel emotionally and spiritually good.

9.     Get a Pet

You need a distraction in life and raising a pet could be just that, and they are often excellent companions.

10.   Avoid Drowning Your Sorrow

Cut down or limit consumption of beer, wine and cocktails.  Alcohol is only a temporarily relief that can sometimes lead to other problems.  Find other avenues of relief, like exercise.

11.  Get Creative

Bake a cake if you love to bake; if you are into art make a painting; create a sculpture, since art and creativity are the best release of emotions.

12.  Reach Out to Family

When you are down and out, seek refuge with your family, they’ll show you the care and the love you deserve.

13.  Reach out to Friends

Talk to our friends, tell them you have gone through divorce and the best ones will rush to your side and make sure you are happy.

14.  Sleep Well

There may well be sleepless night, but for your health and your happiness, try to get a good night’s sleep as often as possible.

15.  Go Through Mediation for Divorce

If you want to get divorced, make sure you choose a method that is consultative and empowering which lets you take the decision of your divorce yourself and continue to be on amicable terms with your ex spouse.  Divorce mediation will make the divorce process easier, and in turn, it will make the post-divorce recovery much smoother and quicker.

To learn more about the divorce process in California and how mediation can help, please visit our page, “What is Divorce Mediation.”