When is the Best Time for Divorce Mediation?

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County Family Mediation - Divorce Mediation; California Divorce MediationDivorce is not something any couple looks forward to when they tie the knot. When two people decide to enter wedlock, they are aiming for a happy, prosperous family life. Unfortunately not everyone gets to live that dream. There are many reasons that couples decide to part ways, some of them stronger than others. What is clear about a divorce though is that, it’s never a happy experience for the spouses.

For couples that are looking to avoid the public glare, the bitterness and feud mentality of litigation proceedings, Orange County divorce mediation seems the best bet. Yet even with this process the real challenge is finding the correct time to build a bridge over the distance, disillusionment and hurt to help both spouses reach each other for a solution. Divorce is almost always a major loss, resulting in the spouses undergoing various stages of conflict and grief.

What is the Best Time for Divorce Mediation?

In reality there is no best time for divorce mediation. Divorce is not a word that can associated with a positive unless in situations where one of the spouses has been subjected to abuse.  An Orange County divorce will always pain the two spouses, derive that sense of hurt and failure in them and so there is no best time for divorce. Yes, there might be an optimum time for spouses to bring up mediation, where both of them can make the most of the process and reach a low conflict solution.

For couples that are still functioning with one another for example, the question of a best time will never really come up. If you and your spouse have decided to mutually part ways, and continue to remain friends, you can undergo and Orange County divorce mediation anytime you want.

For couples who come to Orange County Divorce mediation to escape the hurt of court proceedings, optimum times for may vary. In such cases usually one of the spouses is looking for divorce while the other is reluctantly accepting it. These kinds of spouses are ones that will likely experience the most hurt and pain of the relationship ending. For such spouses, the optimum time to go through an Orange County divorce mediation is when the spouses have started to accept the notion of having to part ways.

Once they start to accept that partying of ways is now more than a thought, they will be able to reform their emotions and rally their mind to an acceptance. In such a case, the spouses will mellow down their emotions and be willing to negotiate and have an amicable solution. This is when Orange County divorce mediation will work best for them.

Orange County divorce mediation is a process that involves cordiality between the two spouses. It can only be worthwhile at a time when both of the spouses have accepted the fate of the relation and as a result are looking for less hurting solution.

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