Insights Into The Divorce Mediation Process

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Divorce mediators Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsOver the years Orange County divorce mediation has become a viable alternative to a litigated divorce. This is because couples are increasingly looking to avoid the hassles of a court-led divorce to one that is easy, simple and can be concluded in a shorter time to traditional divorce. Yet very few people know very much about it, apart from the usual.

Orange County divorce mediation is not all that you think it is, this blog looks to bring to light things about mediation that you didn’t know.

Mediation is a process that needs to be carried out by people who are reasonable but can’t resolve their differences between themselves.

There are a number of people who have decide their settlements between themselves and are still waiting for an Orange county divorce mediation to stamp a formal authority over it. While this process can be entertained in mediation. Primarily meditation looks to resolve disputes and bring couples to a settlement.

Orange County divorce mediation is a process that provides and out of court resolution sensibly with little legal system involvement

When couples discuss their issues in a settlement hearing, the environment is tense and the lawyers fro, both sides bearing on one another. Negotiation and conflict resolution in such a case is not an option. Mediation on the other hand is a more structured process, which creates better environment for conversations between the two spouses. The atmosphere in mediation is kept non confrontational to make sure that the couples are able to exchange solutions and resolution instead of insults and barbs.

Mediation uses a neutral third party to administer the process known as the mediator

Orange County divorce mediation is carried out by a professional mediator. Having said that, they are not arbitrators, judges or referees hence their work is not to in any way to make decisions. They are only tasked with maintain a positive atmosphere and guide the parties through the procedure and structures to be followed.

The success of mediation rests on the willingness and reasonableness of the individual

Once you have gone through a breakup and are heading for an Orange County divorce, emotions tend to run very high. These emotions can often for the first few stages hinder the reasonableness of the spouses involved. Also in most cases of an Orange County divorce, one of the spouses is looking for divorce while the other spouse does not want it.

As previously mentioned mediation is a process that depends on the spouses for success. The willingness and reasonableness of the spouses determine the outcome of an Orange County divorce mediation process. If both of the spouses are motivated to finding a low cost, simple and fats paced solution to their issues a mediation process is likely to go one smoothly and prove a success.

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