5 Tips When Looking For a Divorce Mediator

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediators; California divorce mediatorsGoing through a divorce can be hard enough. There is loads of emotional torment, turbulence and hate. This is especially true if you go to a divorce litigation where both the spouses and their lawyers battle it out to make sure both of them leave with tarnished reputation and a sense of bitterness.

This though can be avoided. A divorce doesn’t always need to be about fights and problems. If you choose the correct divorce mediator, it can be a cooperative procedure where both spouses end up doing what’s best for the kids and their respective futures.

Yet, with a number of California divorce mediators, including Orange County divorce mediators, around, how do you find the correct one? Here are a few rules of the thumb to help you choose.

They Look to Make the Process Easy for You

One of the reasons mediation is gaining popularity over litigation is the ease of process and the affordability factor that it has. The easiest way to identify a good mediator is to check their prices and how they lay down the divorce process to you. A mediator that charges a flat fee for all services and assures the ease of the process to you is one you should look to hire.

An Expert Dedicated to Mediation

In your search for the best divorce mediator for you, you will come across a number of lawyers who are primarily divorce lawyers but have as a second option chosen to be mediators as well but have no training in mediation or, in particular, divorce mediation.  A good choice would be someone who has the legal background in divorce and family law, but is also trained in the art of conflict resolution and management, an art supposedly alien to lawyers.

A Good Problem Solver

Mediation is all about solving problems and helping the spouses come to a conclusion in between themselves. Hence a good divorce mediator will be someone who is well versed in solving complex, problematic situations. This will be clear in your first consultative meeting with them.

They Must Be Compassionate

Mediation unlike litigation is not about winning or losing. It is about making sure that your future and that of your family and your child is protected. A good Orange County divorce mediator will usually be compassionate about their work. They will invest their emotions in the process to make sure a good result in reached for all parties.

They Will Never Be a Catalyst for a Conflict

As mentioned above, divorce mediation is the name given to the process of conflict management. The job of a mediator in mediation is to ensure that the spouses continue to discuss their mutual issues of conflict in a harmonized environment with little or no conflict. A mediator that breeds or is cause for a conflict can be a disastrous choice.

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