5 Signs Your Marriage is About to Hit the Rocks

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

Orange County divorce mediation lawyers; California Divorce MediatorsThe world is full of couples that life happily ever after they have tied the knot and then there are some that are unable to live their lives as each other’s partners and instead end up getting a divorce. Couples part their ways as a result of unbearable marital issues.

What is all the more surprising with this assertion though is that most people are caught off guards when the other spouse breaks the news of a divorce to them. Every marriage that is on the troubled path starts to show some signs before it culminates in a divorce, yet most people are unable to spot these signs and mend their ways.

Here are a few signs that highlight that you marriage is headed for a divorce:


Often when things aren’t going well between the couple their emotions and their perceptions about each other can come to fore in the form of verbal fights, bickering and arguments on the most minute of things. While it is true that even healthy relationship spouses do end up fighting more than once, constant criticism and bickering is a sign that neither of you is happy with the other’s presence.

Lack of Time Together

A relationship is made of two people, both of whom at the start of the relation on their marriage day promise to live life together. One of the first signs of trouble in your marriage is when both the spouses stop spending time together. Couples can think of the other as a normal fixture in the day with each loosing importance to the other. This most marriages counselors agree is the first step to an Orange County divorce.

Eerie Silence

As time passes and constant bickering and fights and underlying feelings of hate increase, couples can start to grow apart from one another and each find solace in the comfort of silence. They can both gradually eliminate the other from their own private worlds, tip toeing their way to a divorce in the process.

End of Intimacy

Relationships and love thrives on physical relations, physical contacts. Love making, intimate relations are the key to building a healthy relation and it’s strongly embedded in its roots. A decline in physical intimacy is often a result of and can result in a decline in emotional intimacy. Emotional and physical intimacies are linked to one another. Decline in both can result in divorce.

Finding Solace in Others

When spouses stop being intimate with one another, they will often start looking for newer avenues of solace and comfort in others. This solace can be emotional and even physical in nature which can often result in greater pain and almost an end to a marriage.

A relationship needs to be saved as much as one can, but if you think your marriage is on the rocks, it is better to end it using a peaceful, Orange County divorce mediation that would allow cooperation and consultation between the spouses.

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