4 Ways Divorcing Parents Can Be Superheroes To Their Children

By Gerald A. Maggio, Esq.

divorce mediation attorneys Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsAs hard as the word divorce may sound for you, try and imagine the ramifications of the word on your children. Going through a divorce is no easy task. Ending a relation started to last a lifetime can leave its marks, but none of them can be more brutal than the ones left on children if a broken marriage.

To protect your children, you need to be their super parent. The role of a super parent is hard to achieve, you have to work hard to make sure that the lives of your children are not affected as a result of your divorce. Before you can become a super parent though, you need to realize for your children to have a healthy, stress free life they’ll need both their parents not just one.

Once that is clear to you, here are 4 tips you can use to become a super parent to your children.

Choose A Healthier Divorce

A child that has been born and brought up all their lives with two parents will never be able to stay fully happy with just one. While a divorce could mean you don’t live with your spouse anymore, a healthy divorce choice can make sure they get love and care from both their parents alternatively. To make sure you kids are kept away from the hate and that you and your spouse are on cordial, acceptable and workable relationship, an Orange County divorce mediation is the best option to choose.

Be True But Not Too Open

Ultimately when the children see their parents no longer living together they will suspect something and may ask you what is going on. Specialists in child study agree that parents need to be truthful with their children and should tell them in advance that they are going to separate. Yet, it is important that neither of the parents lets go of too much. The reasons for the divorce may not be opportune for them to hear and they should be withheld from them until they are able enough to understand.

Don’t Criticize or Argue with Your Ex-spouse in the Presence of Your Child

While a true hero maybe someone who kicks the bad guys from one place to another, at home they like to keep a peaceful harmony filled environment. To be a true superhero parent you need to make sure that in front of your children you put a unite front with your ex spouse to show your children all is well and not lost between their parents.

Support Your Child’s Relationship with The Other Parent

You may be the best parent to your child but if you are a mother you cannot be a father to your child and you are a father you cannot be a mother. Children are never satisfied with   love of one of the parent, they crave affection from both. If you want to be a superhero parent, even after you have gone through a divorce, make sure you encourage and support the relation your child builds with their other parent.

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